Empower Hypnosis and Meditation

Empowering YOU  to heal your mind and body

What To Expect...

First, feel comfortable to call for a free 15-minute consultation where you can questions and get answers. Then schedule an appointment if you are ready to experience life changing results.

Your initial session will consist of collecting pertinent information necessary for successful hypnotic treatment sessions.  Your concerns, beliefs and goals  will be discussed in order to provide you the best service possible.

The hypnosis session will be carefully explained to you in detail prior to induction. Remember, you are in charge. Confidence and trust in your hypnotist is of the utmost importance.

Your tailored session script will be recorded and sent to you so it can be downloaded on your phone, tablet,  ipad, or lap top.  Repetition of hypnotic suggestions is highly recommended. A personalized recording will be yours to listen to for 21 days and as needed. Recordings are not to be listened to while driving or any other activity that requires attention. In addition, follow-up phone conversations/emails are offered to help you remain consistent which equals SUCCESS.